Optimization of forest machines

We can optimize almost all 21 st Century forest machines which have electrically controlled engines. With FinnTuning’s custom tuned files you can get more power and torque exactly where you need it. 

At the same time the fuel consumption often reduces, when you can operate at lower revolutions. Many of our customers have reported 100-200 rpm lower revolutions and 10-25% lower fuel consumption (calculated per produced m3). An improved torque makes the machine easier to drive and more dynamic. At the same time the machine becomes more pleasant to handle. Also an optimized machine produces more.

Most of our teams have mobile optimization tools and equipment so we can come to principally any place to optimize your machine, whenever and wherever it suits you best. Thus we can minimize the time needed for optimization and your machines remain in the normal operation without any longer breaks.

We optimize the machine through the service-/diagnostics hub whenever possible. First we read the original ecu program, then we modify the program according to your wishes and needs and after that we write the new modified program back to the ecu. In most cases we don’t use any external modules or boxes.