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FinnTuning is a Finnish company specialized in vehicle optimization. We’re operating in the whole Finland and we can come to principally any place, where you need us. We’ve over a decade’s experience of vehicle optimization or reprogramming of different vehicles and we also share a huge passion to support our customers in solving their problems and challenges. In Sweden we’ve been operating nearly a decade with FinskaKillar -brand. During that time we’ve been optimizing thousands of farm tractors, combiners, harvesters, forwarders, trucks and other machines. Most of our products are home-made meaning we’re not depending on any particular software lab or any chain. We garantee you a good, professional service and custom tuned files.

When using FinnTuning optimization, your vehicle will be customized according to your own wishes and needs using the same own high quality taylor-made optimization files which are successfully being used already in thousands of cars and machines in the Scandinavia and Baltic countries saving millions of liters of fuel annually.

We’re growing constantly and now we’re entering into the North American market. We’re looking for dealers and also for an experienced and serviceminded Regional Manager to support our North American network.